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With hurricane season now starting to come to full bloom, the office, together with the cooperation of the building representatives and their hurricane captains, are prepared to do whatever is necessary if a storm hits.

Residents who are away for the summer season will be able to check on this site for periodic updates should we start preparing for a hurricane.  After a storm, northern residents will be able to check this site for information of any damages or concerns that may have affected the Sea Haven property.

Residents who may be away for the summer and have concerns should contact the hurricane captain volunteer who corresponds to your building and floor.  This will alleviate phone calls to the office so that the office line is free for emergency use.

"A" Building Volunteer Captains:            "B" Building Volunteer Captains:

1st (A)  Bill Stupp, Apt. 104                   (B) Terry Barnum, Apt. 135  

2nd (A)  Bill Walden, Apt. 215             (B) KEVIN KEEGAN, Apt. 223

3rd  (A)  Tim Bates, Apt. 317              (B) Jim Patalano, APT. 236            

4th  (A)  Tomi Buccheri, Apt. 302        (B) Frank Scavelli, Apt. 432

5th  (A)  Mary Pastman, Apt. 504      (B) Ed Schultz, Apt. 537

6th  (A)  Bill STUPP, Apt. 104           (B) Carmel Lucibello, Apt. 621

7th  (A)   Mary Pastman, 504            (B) Jud Derosa, Apt. 737

8th  (A)  Louise Coolbaugh, Apt. 809   (B) Bob Waldron, Apt. 820

9th  (A)  Tom Baier, Apt. 906             (B) KEVIN KEEGAN APT 223

10th(A) Tom Baier, Apt. 902           (B) ED MICHAELS, Apt. 1023

SPECIAL NOTE:  Beverly Funnell, Manager, will live on site during a hurricane until all is clear and back to normal.  The maintenance crew will leave property after the buildings are prepared and will not be back on property until it is safe for them to travel to help clean up should the need arise.