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October  26, 2016

At the request of you, our association members, the office is trying to keep everyone more informed about the happenings at Sea Haven through our web site.  Just one very important note:  The Sea Haven Web Site is the only official web site for any and all notifications and information.

Please note :  Because of Florida Statue Notification Laws the 2016 Budget Meeting will be held on November 17, 2016 to approve the recommended 2017 Budget and Statutory Reserves. 

As season is approaching and winter residents are starting to come back we are concerned about water intrusion and floods.  We had a very bad flood in "B" building that effected 5 apartments caused by a plastic water filter that was installed several years ago.  Basically the plastic casing blew out the bottom of the filter allowing water to pour out until a apartment that was home started to get flooded several floors below. At the September 22, 2016 Board of Directors meeting one of the residents who suffered a tremendous amount of damage in their apartment requested the board of directors ask residents who have a water filter to please if they are plastic and old either replace them with stainless steel or remove the plastic water filter all together since these have been known to crack etc.  The stainless steel ones will cost a bit more but can save you and your neighbors a flood.

Another cause of water intrusion is air conditioning drain pans that get clogged and stop draining causing the pan over flows and possibly causes water leakage into your own apartment or worse into the closet of your neighbors apartment below you before its discovered.  If you are not in town this could be a very serious leak before its discovered.  Please have your A/C systems serviced and make sure your drain pans are working as they should.

FIRE SPRINKLER RETROFITTING:  Please vote your preference on opting out of fire sprinkler retrofitting required by Florida Statue.  We need your vote no later than October 27, 2016 so that we can file this in time to meet the December deadline.  We took this vote  in 2009 and it was approved to opt out of this requirement however, new laws that were adopted in 2015 now require us to take this vote again per our attorney recommendation since the new law requires that it be registered in the Broward County Records recording all majority votes cast to opt out. The Board recommends a YES vote to opt out of the fire sprinkler retrofit. Should you have any questions regarding this issue please feel free to call the office at 954-946-6259. 

Please Note:  Any Owner who does not vote on this item via web page submission, will receive a letter and proxy vote via regular mail or hand delivery after October 27th, 2016.

The office is requesting all residents who wish to receive all notices regarding the 2017 Annual Budget Package by E-Mail please help us by submitting your current full e-mail address.  Currently we must have on record your permission to submit this information to you by e-mail per Florida Statue.  You will find a form called E-Mail Authorization on this page at TABS TO YOUR LEFT that you must fill out requesting your information be sent via e-mail.  While you are there please also fill out the resident update form so we can update our records with the correct information.
Please check out the maintenance tab:
Items have been updated as of  Wednesday September 21sth and new items have been added.

Catwalk lights out, spills on catwalks, things that need attention just call the office and we will take care of them as soon as possible.

*Don't forget to check out the Social Calendar for the dates for Social functions which include all the Summer parties for 2016 and the full list of functions for 2016 - 2017 season from the Yacht Club, Women's Club and Men's sports club!

Again, please check the website often for updates to scheduling, new pictures and any news.

The tabs to the left will give you the answers to most questions regarding your property.  We ask you as an owner to visit often and watch for information regarding on-going maintenance projects, social events, etc.