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Welcome to our homepage!
We have a new employee at Sea Haven.  His name is Daniel and has now been with us for 4 weeks.  He is a very pleasant man and has been filling in various jobs while our men take their vacations.  I have seen a big difference in some areas and people seem to like him.  He is keeping busy and is willing to do what ever is necessary.  There is a small communication problem but he is going to school to learn English

July 20, 2017
We have some big projects going on this summer!
We also have some problems!

Our Sea Haven beautiful fountain is not so beautiful right now.  For the last month we have battled over an abundance of rain coupled with unusually high 90's and over heat.  Unlike a swimming pool a fountain is recirculated water in limited amounts and not filtered with chemicals like a swimming pool.  When the fountain is on and we have high winds we lose water and chemicals that we put in by manual labor.  When the fountain sits for hours in high heat it turns green because of lack of circulation.  We have the water tested every week by samples taken to Knox Pool Company to add to the water what is needed but again its a fountain not a swimming pool.  Our battled is now lost and we will be draining the fountain, pressure cleaning, cleaning all fountain heads, possibly painting if needed and then fill and restart the fountain.  The fountain will be down for about two weeks.

The "A" Building center elevator update:
As of today Thursday July 20, 2017, we have been told that the cab wall material finally came in and is due to be installed tomorrow Friday July 21, 2017.  On Monday, July 24, 2017 the safety mats to protect the new flooring inside the cab for moving etc. are custom made and will be completed. Broward County final inspection will take place hopefully sometime before the end of the week.  The elevator will be completed around the end of July.  Immediately following will be "B" Building center elevator with work to be completed around December 15, 2017.

The Board room renovation is near completion. Still to be completed:  Cabinet hardware, Pictures, new furniture ie; tables and chairs (on order, and should arrive in early September.)Vertical blinds, etc.   We're excited for you to see it! We've received many positive comments and some of our summer residents have already begun to use the room.  Just a little more time and the room will be completed.

The stamped concrete walkways are scheduled for installation beginning mid-August beginning with the center elevator of A building.

Mailboxes are now being examined. The U.S. Postal Service will determine the most efficient manner in which to remove the old and install the new boxes, as well as making sure each apartment receives the right keys. One building will be done at a time once all of the new mailboxes are received.

The Sea Haven parking lot resurfacing is currently on hold as suggested by residents at the Board meeting.

On a lighter note the summer holiday parties have been a huge success.  Memorial Day was attended by 160 people.  Everyone raved about the new Taco Bar, Raw Bar, and food as well as the entertainment.  This being our raffle party a profit was made to help with the cost of the July 4, 2017 Show party.  This year we were entertained by a very talented lady. She came into Sea Haven as Joan Rivers and before our eyes impersonated Cher with help from the audience impersonating Sonny, she also did Marliyn Monroe with the help of Bob Larnerd from the audience.  Bette Midler was a real treat along with Lucille Ball and Liza Minelli.  Everyone who attended said it was the Best show yet.  This will make it real hard for next years show.  The finger foods and deserts also were a great hit.  I have to say a very special Thank You to  Karen Donovan who worked her tail off as did so many others Aida Stupp, Rose Scavelli (making all those delicious noodle pies 7 to be exact) Elieen Jones, Nickie Carozza, Mary Pastman, Jud Derosa, Bill Stupp, Frank Scavelli, Big Jim etc. I really hope I didn't miss anyone but I am sure I did.  Terry Barnum who also made special treats for the party as well as the Board of Directors working to make this a special day for everyone thank you.  Next and last summer party is Labor Day which is our annual picnic but inside the lounge not outside.  Hope to see everyone there.

The Pompano Beach Fire Department is now requiring all apartments to install battery smoke alarm in all bedrooms.  This is along with the hardwire battery backup smoke alarms you have in your dining and living room areas.  You may purchase these smoke alarms at Lowes 2 for $9.97.  If you need assistance in installing these call the office and we will put your name on a list and assist you.  Once installed please drop a note off to the office as we must keep a record for the fire department that all residents have cooperated.

Maintenance fees are now $383.00 per month per apartment an $8.00 increase from previous year as of January 1st, 2017.  Please update your records.  Many residents are still paying the wrong amount creating confusion in the office.

Please check out the maintenance tab:
Items have been updated and new items have been added.

Catwalk lights out, spills on catwalks, things that need attention just call the office and we will take care of them as soon as possible.

*Don't forget to check out the Social Calendar for the dates for Social functions a full list of functions for 2017 - 2018 season from the Yacht Club, Women's Club and Men's sports club!

Again, please check the website often for updates to scheduling, new pictures and any news.

The tabs to the left will give you the answers to most questions regarding your property.  We ask you as an owner to visit often and watch for information regarding on-going maintenance projects, social events, etc.