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Welcome to our homepage!

October 27, 2017
The Annual 2018 Budget meeting preliminary Board of Directors approval was held on October 26, 2017. The budget meeting for all owners to approve statutory reserves will be held on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7 p.m. All necessary information regarding the 2018 budget will be mailed, hand delivered or emailed to the last known address. If you are going to be unable to attend the meeting in person, we ask that you vote by proxy and return to office before the November 16, 2017 meeting.

The proxy to vote form is posted on the page called "BUDGET PROXY AUTHORIZATION FORM." You can access the proxy page from the left rail of this webpage.

Please, at the request of the Board of Directors and the Manager, report any suspicious activity to the office immediately. Also, if you think one of our employees is not doing their job call the office. I promise you, I will immediately investigate the report and take appropriate action.

Don't forget Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 23, 2017 in the Sea Haven Lounge hosted by Karen & Jim Donovan. Watch the bulletin boards for an announcement about the meeting to help with the event.

Christmas is coming soon! That means, Calling All Elves! Penny Rizzuto is having a meeting on November 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the Sea Haven Lounge to begin lighting up the Christmas Wonderland. Donations for lights and decorations are greatly appreciated, and can be made to Bob DiComillo.

Also at the October meeting several issues or requests were made by the residents in attendance:
- Your fellow residents ask that smokers consider the health and comfort of their fellow residents, and request that excessive smoking in apartments not be allowed.
-  Many people are parking in owner / covered parking spots without permission. Please go through the proper channels to get a letter signed by the owner, and register it in the office. Otherwise, your car is subject to being towed at your expense. 
- Laundry facilities are to be used by in-resident owners and approved lessees only. We've received reports of people taking laundry in belonging to family members and friends.

- The Manager requests that you go through the proper channels when there is a problem or issue on the property. Reporting problems to one of the maintenance men is not recommended. The problem may not be solved, will likely not be recorded, and likely won't be taken care of. This will make you a lot happier!

September 15, 2017

Please see the pictures page for some pictures of the damage.

“B” building damage to patios visible from the garden side:
138 all screens; 329 screens and 1 metal bar; 829 screens; 422 hole in one screen; 1019 screens.

“A” building damage to patios visible from the garden side:
502 bottom screen; 1004 top screen; 904 top screen; 304 top screen; 1005 top screen; 406 bottom screen and one metal bar; 106 screens; 107 screen; 307 screens; 607 screens and 4 metal bars; 807 bottom screens; 1008 screens; 908 screens; 308 top screens; 208 top screens; 1009 1 metal bar; 409 1 metal bar; 209 1 metal bar and loose screen; 109 screens; 110 screens; 310 2 metal bars and screens; 510 shutters blew off and all screens gone; 610 bottom screen; 810 screens; 811 screens; 112 screens; 712 1 metal bar; 214 top screen; 514 1 metal bar; 714 top screens; 414 top screens; 415 top screens; 116 top screens; 216 1 metal bar; 618 top screen; 105 screen door; 102 screen door screen and top screen.

Please note: Metal bars are the responsibility of the association. Screens are the responsibility of the unit owners. Please coordinate with the office when your contractor is going to replace / repair the screens so that we can insure that the metal bars are replaced (if needed).

Also visible from the garden side: 11 apartment stacks have Comcast cable wires hanging out of the wire tracks.

We lost 18 trees in the garden. Loose and fallen debris have been removed. We are awaiting the return of the landscapers with large equipment to remove the remaining damaged trees. Four trees from Alsdorf Park fell across the fence onto the carport. It is not our intention to replace the lost trees, however we are in the planning stages, with our landscape experts, for a renewal of all of our gardens.

“B” Building lost 32 catwalk lights, 35 exit sign lights, and 3 gooseneck lights. “A” building lost 22 catwalk lights and 50 exit sign lights. Happily, none of the new carport lights were lost during the storm.

One car was damaged in the “A” building parking lot.

One fire hose at the south end of “B” building dangled from the 7th floor to the 2nd floor during the storm, no damage was caused. The door ripped off of the fire hose cabinet and will have to be replaced.

Power was fully restored to all buildings as of Wednesday evening.

All in all Sea Haven was very lucky! We dodged a big bullet! No lives were lost, no one was injured, property damage was very minor overall, and we survived. Tempers at times did flare. Stress was high, largely due to the fact that it was very hot, we had no power, no elevators in “B” building over 5 days. To all of us, we should be very thankful that we were sparred. There are so many people who weren’t as lucky as we were with Hurricane Irma, or with Hurricane Harvey in TX. Let’s remember we are in this together, your neighbors are your friends, not enemies. Let’s be kind to one another on a daily basis, not just during an emergency like Irma. Our staff deserves a huge thank you for all of their dedication and hard work preparing for the storm and as we recover, now and every day of the year.

As we continue to clean up we may find additional damage which we will report here on the website. There will be no further updates posted on recovery from Hurricane Irma, however remember it is only September 15th and hurricane season continues through November. Currently there are three storms churning across the Atlantic.

September 13, 2017

Hello to All our residents from the north and other areas.

We survived! Finally after 2 long, hot days the electric power was restored in 3/4s of our buildings. Yep, no full power yet, but it will come!  What does this mean?

Simply put, the "B" tower is not yet working; the north end of "B" building apartments do not have power at this time; as well there is no power in "B" Building for carports, north and center elevators; no stairwell or catwalk lights. 

"A" Building fared much better at this time: full power and A/C. 

Now for the real news on IRMA:
"B" building elevator generator (not the emergency generator for "B" building), was not available in time for the hurricane due to repairs. As a result, "B" building was without an elevator from the time the power went out on Saturday night until 5:30 a.m. today (Wednesday).

The backflow pipe feeding the recreation building was damaged during the huricane and broke. As a result, there was no water from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning. The pipe was replaced this morning, restoring water to the recreation building.

Several "A" building patios lost screens, screen frame railings, and some shutters.

Both buildings lost catwalk and exit lights in many areas.

Looks like a hurricane just went through the yard! Oh, it did. Many trees, shrubs, and other plantings were damaged, uprooted, or toppled. The larger fallen foliage is awaiting removal.

There have been very few reports of damage to cars that remained on the property.

Some structural damage occurred to the "B" building center elevator facade.

The pool pump pit, pool heater fencing, and other recreation area equipment was saved due to quick thinking on the part of those in the area during the storm.

Although we went through 2 full tide cycles during the storm, the storm surge was minimal.

The staff was back at full strength first thing Monday morning, and has gone above and beyond since. (No surprise there, the guys are great!) Many residents contributed to the pre-storm preparation, checked on each other during the storm, and continue to help out post-storm with the recovery. It clearly showed what an amazing community we are! Residents gathered Monday and Tuesday, cooked meals on the BBQs, and shared a few laughs.

Special thanks to many including: Judd, Bill, Aida, Jimmy, Nicki, Rose, Joe, Kevin, Bob, Carlo, Tom, Nicole, Terry, Kevin, all of the floor captains, and everyone who lent a helping hand during the storm. Huge thank you to Beverly and Don for manning storm central since Thursday (she's going home tonight to sleep in her own bed)!

Please be patient, clean up will take at least a week before things get back to normal, and we can assess what needs to be replaced.

Tomorrow we will have an update on damage per apartment. Please watch for details.

*Don't forget to check out the Social Calendar for the dates for Social functions a full list of functions for 2017 - 2018 season from the Yacht Club, Women's Club and Men's sports club!

Again, please check the website often for updates to scheduling, new pictures and any news.

The tabs to the left will give you the answers to most questions regarding your property.  We ask you as an owner to visit often and watch for information regarding on-going maintenance projects, social events, etc.